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And Cooper brought the cold

Berlin, January 30, 2012

Cold in winter is no exception in Germany, as a general rule. Maybe because of the climate change, though, the season 2011-2012 has been unusually mild in most of the country, with the exception of the Alpine zones in the South. In the capital city, Berlin, where the winters are normally icy, below zero (Celsius) temperatures had been registered very rarely so far. So far.

In these last days of January, “Cooper” comes on stage. The anticyclone pushes extreme cold air from Siberia to Central Europe. Just check the map of maximum temperatures expected on Tuesday 31 (click here to convert to Fahrenheit) to make yourself an idea of the situation:

According to the meteorologists, this forecast will get caught short as the week moves forward. On Friday, the German capital city will be under 10° below zero (Celsius, which equal 14°F) all day long. Actually, all of Germany will be below 0°C on the next days. For this reason, streets and roads will require much caution, due to eventual black ice.

Unnecessary to say that adverse weather conditions determine people’s life. Nobody would go out for a walk, but just with the aim of getting, as quick as possible, to a certain place. Much better on public transportation as on foot. Anyway, be ready for eventual impassable roads or block portions of railway tracks.

Be patient and, most important, do not forget to wrap yourself up on these first days of February!

The weather forecast on Das Erste (January 30, 2012)

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