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Markets in Germany

Berlin, 12 March 2013

Farmers markets have a long tradition in our world, for they were and still are the place to buy fruits, vegetables, meats and other products, directly from the producers. Also in Germany there are markets, of course, some of which deserve a visit. Let’s go discover some of them?

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Marheineke is one of the few indoor markets remaining in Berlin, and there are three reasons why we advise you pay a visit to it: good, fresh products are sold inside, the building is nice and it is located in an area packed with restaurants, mainly on Bergmannstrasse (definitely, a reason to visit the place, isn’t it?). The market, that is celebrating its 121st anniversay this week, was almost completely destroyed during WWII, then rebuilt in the fifties and finally modernized back in 2007. The subway line U7 will take you there (Gneisenaustraße station). Would you like to take a glance? Come on in!

Also advisable is the Neukölln turkish market. Every Tuesday and Friday, tens of traders locate their stands on Maybachufer, between the Kottbusserbrücke bridge and the Schinkestrasse: fruits, vegetables, legume, also clothing and accessories, fill up this part of the bank of the Landwehrkanal starting at 11AM until mid-afternoon. Odours, colours and many products you probably will not recognize, for the market is on the border of the Neukölln and Kreuzberg districts, where many of the Turkish “Berliner” live.

If you would like to learnt about other markets in Berlin, check this article published by the Morgenpost: You can also get some information (in German) about markets in the city by clicking here.

Of course, markets are also in other parts of Germany. In Munich, for example, you should see Viktualienmarkt: outdoors, it is located near the central Marienplatz, on the same place where it has been for a bit more than 200 years. There are some 140 stands offering a wide range of products, many of them from Bavaria. Also in hamburg you can see markets, like Marktzeit: it is open every Saturday from 9.30AM till 2.30PM in an old factory (old in “spirit”, because a fire burnt it down back in 1977, having been rebuilt afterwards according to its original design). Finally, in Frankfurt (am Main) you can go to Kleinmarkthalle, which opens Monday through Saturday from 8AM until 6PM (4PM on Saturdays).

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